Photowall is ready

As one of our members (Antony Shum) is a photography student in LCC, alongside the shed built with local materials, it’s always good to accompany it with some photographs. As we are gathering materials and preparing for the building process, we have had some snapshots over Margate. This may not be a holistic view of this beautiful town as our footprints are still limited and new, but we hope it still gives an overview of the atmosphere around.


We chose to exhibit the photographs of the Margate seaside and parts of the town above the seaside fence, faced to the shed, you can feel how the pieces of the shed came from different parts of the town, and imagine it as one of those seaside shed, accompanied with sound of seagull, gentle breeze from the sea and warm sunshine.


On the other side of the gallery, you can see the photo wall displaying the highlights of the building process, it was a two-day express building so everything was in a hurry, luckily we got help from many people, including who helped us to capture the building process of the shed.


With all these pictures, we hope it provides a more vibrant and deeper experience for visitors to enjoy this community project.