This is a community focused event that will engage people in thinking about their surroundings and how they can re-use materials to create public spaces. During the 5 days we will provide a flexible space that adapts to the local community; a shed constructed from recycled materials where we carry out interviews with locals about their life experience in Margate. Once the framework of the shed structure has been completed, by the first couple of days, Margate community will be invited to contribute materials, text and images, which will be added to the shed creating the walls.

During our visit to Resort Studios, one aspect that struck us was the skill set and collective effort used to build the studio space. If successful we intend to discuss with Resort Studios and the Rag and Bone Man about the logistics of this. We plan to spend 1-2 days constructing the framework of the shed using materials found in Margate and/ or wooden pallets.